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Travel feature: Shame on the shamen

‘If I not live long, no problem,’ said Pou as he necked a shot of root wine from a bottle cap. We were sitting side by side on a path outside the home of the Karieng village leader. It was dusk and I was slapping imaginary mosquitoes from my legs. Kids were observing me from…

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Should you ask your copywriter to mind their ‘ands’ and ‘buts’?

As a copywriter, it’s hard to stop my ears steaming and my teeth grinding when I hear: “Great piece. Just one thing – you can’t start a sentence with and or but.” That’s because it isn’t true. There is no basis for the claim that you can’t start a sentence with a conjunction. It is…

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Travel Feature: Tuscany. In a Camper.

I’m in Tuscany. But other than the fact that I managed to scrump three figs, and take another four off of an old lady in the street, I shall not bang on about the food. What is infinitely more interesting is travelling in a camper van. It’s on loan from the in-laws. So we’re in…

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