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Review – Prefabs: Palaces for the People by Elisabeth Blanchet

Brixton Bugle’s Keith Lewis was at Electric Lane’s Photofusion for the opening night of its latest exhibition, Prefabs: Palaces for the people. Christine Gregory outside her house. Photo by Elisabeth Blanchet Elisabeth Blanchet has always been interested in people who live outside of more conventional communities. Her previous bodies of work include documenting gypsy and traveller communities, and…

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The Faces of Cressingham Gardens: Shaun

Part four of a series where features writer, Keith Lewis, along with photographer, Jeannine Mansell, meet some of the residents of Cressingham Gardens – a community under threat from Lambeth council’s regeneration plans. I’m sitting in Shaun’s kitchen. Three eccentric goldfish are staring at me from a tank the size of a yoga ball. A…

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Gated communities – an oxymoron?

Gated communities have been a controversial topic of debate in Brixton in recent years. Features writer, Keith Lewis, looks closer at their surprising history, alongside some of their pros and cons… Most weeknights throughout much of the eighties Margaret Thatcher would drive from Westminster, through Brixton, bound for her neo-Georgian home in Dulwich. To some, her choice…

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The fuddy-duddy versus the copywriter

You know who I mean: that client who ignores the quality of your copywriting and instead hones in on a what they think is one solitary grammar slip… A kind of ‘ha, I got you!’ gesture that seems to make them all hot under the polka bow tie and winged collar. Of course, it’s fine.…

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Copywriting: Inkhorning – the mistake your company doesn’t know it’s making

Inkhorning could be losing your company credibility with its clients. The problem is, you might not even be aware that you are guilty of it. Here, I introduce you to inkhorning and suggest ways that you can avoid it.   What is inkhorning?   The term comes from back in the day. The day when scholars,…

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