Project Description


A large financial regulation company wanted to differentiate themselves from their ‘Big Four’ competition. A new tone of voice had been established by the branding agency, yet it didn’t have total buy-in and needed some work. Plus, there was a ‘way of doing things’ that had to be addressed. They needed a financial services copywriter to deliver tone of voice workshops to over fifty employees. We had to empower and enthuse them – so they’d make the new tone of voice part of their everyday.

The solution:

Huntswood had big personality. But it wasn’t coming across. Verbose sentences and lack of warmth were recognised as their two biggest issues. First, we had to workshop with the board and tweak the new tone of voice developed by the brand agency – we needed buy-in from the head honchos before we could move on anything. Then, rolling out the new tone of voice was not about policing. It was about empowering staff in key content producing roles to change the way they work – and to have the confidence to write more concisely. It was about providing feedback, working on examples and not simply editing materials. The interactive workshops went well and we are now working on stage two of embedding this new tone.

“Working with Keith on our tone of voice training was fantastic. He created a workshop that was able to engage everyone in our business, from the board to the frontline. Keith is a pleasure to work with, and we’ve had great feedback on the sessions.” – Nicola Carter, Head of Marketing

Project Details


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