Job ads for a FTSE 100 retailer

The challenge

High street super brand, Next, is serious about employing the right people. They underwent a huge change in their HR process, which meant employing for personality and not just experience. But both their existing careers website and their jobs ads were awash with bureaucratic HR talk and in need of a little pepping up. So the task was to make this huge FTSE 100 retailer sound a little more 2014 while making sure that they still attracted employees of all ages with the right qualities.

The Result

We set a standard of optimism for new staff by using an upbeat, down to earth tone. After all, potential employees were looking to work at an innovative fashion retailer, not in public services circa 1972.

In the job ads we found opportunity to add some quirk by expressing the key attributes we sought in fresh ways that would evoke working at Next. In short, we made it less about ‘seeking enthusiastic candidates looking to make an impact’ and more about ‘finding glass-half-full, happy-to-help people’. At the same time, we wanted to put off those that we’re after a quick buck – these just weren’t Next’s type of people.

Across the new career website copy we dialled up the interesting notch. We wanted to make the company sound like the sort of place people would want to work. We wanted the right people, to get in touch.

Client testimonial:

“As a business we were very happy. The job ads and the website certainly attracted the right people. Anecdotal feedback to date is that it is doing the trick.” Anna Roberts, Online Sales and Content Manager, Next plc

“We are really pleased with the copy.” Sally Tickell, HR Manager, Next plc

Written while at Barnaby Benson Copywriting Limited

Project Details

Client: Next


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