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Project Description

The Challenge:

There’s a first time for everything. And that includes embarking on a P&O cruise. But once clients have taken their maiden voyage, how do we persuade them to come back? That was the challenge facing P&O. For the first time they had decided to run a personalised marketing campaign to ramp up their ‘rebooking rates’. So, a series of communications were needed to entice these first-timers back.

The Result:

Screen shot 2014-04-02 at 14.33.06We all love to travel. But there’s an endless list of ways we do it these days. So, using evocative language that would get under their skin, client’s had to hear, see and smell the experience of their next cruise. After all, they didn’t know until now, they were going! The communication had to sell. And we wanted to highlight the unique elements of the journey such as its diversity: “From sunbathing to lunar landscapes it will be hard to climb back down to earth after a cruise to the Canaries.”

Client testimonial:

While the rebooking results won’t be available until late 2014 the client was delighted with the work. It resulted in further campaigns.

“We are all so happy with it and the campaign to date has been hugely well received.”Abi Winfield, CRM Executive

Notes: Written as a Freelancer through an agency (Barnaby Benson Copywriting Limited)

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