Thames Water

Project Description

The Challenge:

Screen shot 2015-04-01 at 15.40.20Thames Water were keen to reassert their position as a market leader in property searches and they needed a good web copywriter to help them. As the only competitive part of the utility company’s enterprise, they recognised that they needed to sing for their lunch. To do this they wanted web copy that would make it easy for lawyers and property developers alike to enjoy doing business with them. The wireframes were already there. So, from headers and calls to action through to a succinct user guide, it turns out I had around 10’000 words of copy to write. They wanted it pronto – yesterday. We agreed a week.

The Result

We spruced up the tone of voice. We came up with something less old-fashioned utility provider and more your keen and approachable market innovators. Naturally, the name carries heaps of credibility – so playing on this, using a fresh, confident everyday tone created a much warmer user experience. Plus, the new all singing, all dancing website had heaps of functionaility – so we we had to talk benefits too.

We went from:

“Working with customers, lenders and a wide range of industry stakeholders to understand how we can improve our services and the products we offer to maximise customer satisfaction.”


“Getting discounted search packs direct from one trusted provider.”

See their new website here.


It’s been a real pleasure working with Keith. He is creative and able to put himself in the customer’s shoes. He treated the project as if it was his own. We had great communications throughout and the quality of his work was excellent. I highly recommend working with him if you have the chance.

– Jason Garcia, Project Manager at Jabberwokie

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