Freelance Copywriter

Being a copywriter is no longer about straplines, pomade and plaid flannel suits.

Today, a good freelance copywriter has to be more flexible than Mr Motivator’s leotard.

Writing experience is rarely enough. Copywriting requires both a commercial awareness and the ability to write engaging editorial-style content.

Whatever you need to communicate, I’ll get you doing it concisely and in your own, unique way.

I work with companies and agencies – from FTSE 100 firms through to start-ups, financial services companies to charities.

As for the pomade? I’m told cedarwood beard oil’s the next thing.

The Things I Do

Web Copy

Less words. More impact. Whatever you need your web copy to say, I’ll find a succinct way of saying it.

Thought Leadership articles

I have written thought leadership pieces across many sectors, from renewable energy to financial services.

Tight video scripts

Whether you’re a large corporate or a brand new start-up, I know what makes for a captivating video script.

Engaging articles

I hope you’re not the shy sort. As we’ll soon be knocking up engaging content that draws heaps of attention.

Love words. But love numbers too.

  • 160% Increase in click through rate for tour operator’s email campaign.

    — Keith John Lewis —
  • 10’000 Number of words of web copy for Thames Water.

    — Keith John Lewis —
  • 4 World record for the number of heads squeezed into a standard-sized swimming cap.

    — Keith John Lewis —
  • 50% Number of top ten asset management firms I’ve written for.

    — Keith John Lewis —
  • 40 Number of people inspired in recent tone of voice workshops for financial firm.

    — Keith John Lewis —
  • 62 Average age of target audience for moneycorp Telegraph advertorials.

    — Keith John Lewis —

My Work

What My Customers Say

  • Thanks so much for putting oodles of time and care into our web copy. We’re really pleased with the finished result and thoroughly enjoyed working together.

    — Tom Staniford, Creative Director at Gusto —
  • Keith has been a pleasure to work with from the very first point of contact. He understood our needs instantly and has delivered excellent copy in multiple writing styles. Added to this he is also a thoroughly nice chap. We will be looking to build and continue our relationship further during 2016

    — James Mason, Managing Director at Ego-creative —
  • I would unreservedly recommend Keith. He delivers committed, high quality work with a heart. Thank you for all you’ve done for us.

    — Rola Hallam, Director at Hand in Hand for Syria —
  • Working with Keith on our tone of voice training was fantastic. He created a workshop that was able to engage everyone in our business, from the board to the frontline. Keith is a pleasure to work with, and we’ve had great feedback on the sessions.

    — Nicola Carter, Head of Marketing at Huntswood —
  • Keith has been a pleasure to work with. We have worked together on a number of case studies and he has the ability to take limited information and turn it into compelling copy. Keith conducted telephone interviews with some of our clients to help with the briefing process, which has been very beneficial to the agency.

    — Hayley Dawson, Senior Account Manager at Talisman —
  • Keith has been fantastic in writing to tone and concept across sectors, delivering high quality and well researched pieces often under extreme time pressure.

    — Freddie Green, Creative Director at Jabberwokie —
  • After meeting our senior partners, Keith created and implemented a new tone of voice for the Kirk Rice business.We are delighted with his work, especially the way he challenged our own internal assumptions about how we communicate with our clients. His understanding of financial services is also bonus!

    — Sarah Newell, Marketing Manager at Kirk Rice —
  • Keith is a brilliant copywriter. He’s bright, affable and easy to work with. His copy carries authority and is thoroughly researched, articulating complex information in an interesting and accessible way. His writing has had a positive impact on our sales.

    — John McBroom, Account Manager at moneycorp —
  • His writing is excellent and he was able to execute at very short notice. I would definitely work with Keith again.

    — Gabrielle Butler, Market Expert at AirBnB —
  • The service Keith provided was much more than we expected – not only did his process make us think with more clarity about our service, but he helped us create a brand, a concept, and concise web content.

    — Dirk Bischof, CEO at One Planet Ventures —
  • Keith is a talented copywriter and enthusiastic member of the Copylab team. We value his investment knowledge and language skills, which he combines to great effect for several of our asset management clients.

    — Ross Hunter, Managing Director at Copylab —
  • I was delighted with the speed of turn-around and quality of Keith’s work and have been enthusiastically looking for more opportunities to use him ever since.

    — Dave Fletcher, Founder, White October —
  • His fresh and lively tone was engaging and inspiring – he understood our brand really quickly and with very little introduction.

    — Georgina Lawrence, Marketing Executive at Exodus Travels —
  • Keith is an excellent copywriter who did a big and urgent web copy job for a key client. He was creative and the quality of his work was excellent and we had great communications throughout.

    — Jason Garcia, Freelance Digital Project Manager —
  • The content Keith wrote made my morning. What a great piece!

    — Hannah Coupes, Content Editor at Hotels4U —
  • Keith has delivered great content. Beyond his obvious writing skills, and his deep expertise in financial topics, he is a pleasure to work with and always makes an effort to understand and improve your communication strategy.

    — Luis Rivera, Founder at ETFmatic —
  • His passion for start-ups was inspiring and motivating. Despite my many nervous meltdowns Keith always kept calm, focused but objective. My company wouldn’t have found its new identify and clarity without his contribution.

    — Diana Carvahlo, Founder of AfriQue Exchange —
  • Working with Keith on our tone of voice training was fantastic. He created a workshop that was able to engage everyone in our business, from the board to the frontline. Keith is a pleasure to work with, and we’ve had great feedback on the sessions.

    — Nicola Carter, Head of Marketing at Huntswood —


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